Weapon Customization Guide | Cyberpunk 2077|Game8 (2024)

Weapon Customization Guide | Cyberpunk 2077|Game8 (1)
This is a guide on weapon customization in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn how to customize your weapons, what attachments and mods are, how to get them, and if they are worth getting.

List of Contents

  • Weapon Mod Changes in Update 2.0
  • How to Customize Weapons
  • What are Weapon Attachments?
  • What are Weapon Mods?
  • How to Remove Weapon Mods
  • How to Get Weapon Attachments and Mods
  • Is Weapon Customization Worth It?
  • Related Guides

Weapon Mod Changes in Update 2.0

Mods Can No Longer be Removed

Unfortunately, as of Update 2.0, weapon mods can no longer be removed or replaced once slotted into a weapon. This applies to weapons you loot that already have mods slotted in.

2.0 Complete Patch Notes

Attachments Can Still be Unequipped

The same rule does not apply to attachments. In Updated 2.0, you will still be able to unequip attachments from you weapons, allowing you to switch between what you currently have in your inventory.

Reworked Weapon Mod Crafting

Weapon mod crafting has been reworked. Instead of a crafting spec, you will unlock the weapon mod for crafting once you get a copy of it. To craft a weapon mod at a certain Tier, you will need 2 copies of the mod that are a Tier below it.

For example, to craft a Tier 4 Pyro Weapon Mod, you will need to have 2 Tier 4 Pyro Mods available in your inventory.

How to Customize Weapons

Split into Two Types

Weapon Customization Guide | Cyberpunk 2077|Game8 (2)

Weapon customization in Cyberpunk 2077 is split into two types – attachments and mods. Both can be equipped to a weapon to increase the weapon's stats and effects. You can make your strongest weapons even stronger by equipping attachments and mods. Some of them can even change how the gun works and make them fit into your playstyle better!

Will Require Slots

Weapon Customization Guide | Cyberpunk 2077|Game8 (3)

For you to equip attachment and slots you will need to have slots available on the gun. For attachments, it must be a corresponding slot for them to be equipped. Mods can be equipped as long as there is a mod slot for them.

What are Weapon Attachments?

Equippable Upgrades

Weapon Customization Guide | Cyberpunk 2077|Game8 (4)

Weapon attachments are parts that can be attached to a weapon's Scope and Muzzle to improve the weapon's stats. Each attachment will have a corresponding weapon part slot they can equip to. Attachments will need to be compatible with the weapon to equip them.

Types of Weapon Attachments
List of Scopes List of Muzzles

Attachments Can Be Removed

An attachment can be equipped and unequipped whenever you choose to, allowing you to move around attachments as you please. Disassembling will not destroy the attachments and will bring them back to your inventory instead.

What are Weapon Mods?

Modifies Weapon Stats and Effects

Weapon Customization Guide | Cyberpunk 2077|Game8 (5)

Weapons mods are modifiers that can be attached to a weapon to increase its stats and/or add a new effect. Weapon mods can be equipped with any weapon as long as they have a slot. Their effects can be more than just increasing stats, and can range from increasing sneaking damage to making the gun non-lethal.

List of Weapon Mods

How to Remove Weapon Mods

Mods Can No Longer Be Removed or Replaced in Update 2.0

Unlike attachments, once a mod is equipped, it cannot be taken out. Additionally, after Update 2.0, weapon mods slotted in a weapon can no longer be replaced as well.

How to Get Weapon Attachments and Mods

Bought at Vendors

Weapon Customization Guide | Cyberpunk 2077|Game8 (6)

Weapon attachments and Mods are sold at their respective vendors. For Ranged weapons head to a Gun Vendor to find attachments and mods for them. For Melee weapons you can find mods for them at melee weapon vendors.


You can find attachments and mods from looting enemies you defeated and in containers in the environment. Keep your eye and loot to your heart's desire!


If you have the required components, you can craft attachments and mods for you to use. This is one of the best ways to obtain attachments and mods if you are investing points into Technical and Crafting!

Crafting Guide for Update 2.0

Is Weapon Customization Worth It?

Weapon Customization Guide | Cyberpunk 2077|Game8 (7)

Will Increase Weapon Effectiveness

There is no reason not to customize your weapons with attachments and mods. They increase your weapon's performance, can be found all over the game, and are only limited by their slots, they are always worth equipping onto your weapons. Buying them may be costly, but its worth it to make your weapons stronger or to make them fit your playstyle.

Know Your Combinations

In order to effectively use your mods and attachments, you will have to understand your perks and the weapons you are equipping it to. Having a Sniper with perks that increase its headshot damage will not benefit from mods that increase damage on limbs. Shotguns will also not benefit from Scopes that increases your range too much since it benefits more on close-range battles.

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Weapon Customization Guide | Cyberpunk 2077|Game8 (8)

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