Top 8 Small House Plans (2024)

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31 May 2018

Small House Plans: 8 Home Designs Under 100m2

Article written by Brodie Norris from the Lunchbox Architect

A wise woman, has a saying about big houses, ‘it’s just more to clean’. And yet Australians now have the largest average house sizes in the world. No wonder we feel like we never have enough time!

So, take a leaf out of a wise womens or (architects) book and eschew all that extra space in favour of something more compact, so you can spend more time relaxing and less time scrubbing the bathroom. Here are some small house plans for inspiration by some of Australia’s leading Architects.

Moonlight Cabin: A Tiny But Perfectly Detailed Beachside Cabin by JCB Architects

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Moon Light Cabin by JCB Architects.

Australian architects Jackson Clements Burrows added perforated shutters to the exterior of this holiday cabin “like a Gore-Tex jacket”, providing light and ventilation when closed.

The interior of the 60-square-metre cabin has a timber pod in the middle, with various spaces built into its periphery. These include a kitchen, dining bench and U-shaped seating nook at one end, a bathroom at the other end, and two bedrooms in the centre – one with bunks for the children.

Sled House: A House You Can Relocate With a Tractor? By Crosson Architects

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Hut on Sleds by Crosson Architects.

This holiday retreat, measuring a mere 40 square metres, is designed to close up against the elements when not in use. It accommodates a family of five in a kitchen/dining/living area, a bathroom and two sleeping zones: the children’s zone accommodates a three-tiered bunk.

The clients sought to explore the real essence of holiday living: small, simple and functional. The normal rituals of daily life – cooking, dining, sleeping and showering – are all connected to the outside.

The clients’ desire for sustainability is evident in the modest building size, the use of timber in cladding, structure, lining and joinery, and the manually operated mechanisation. Apart from food delivery and non-recyclable waste removal, the hut functions as a self-sustaining organism with rain-catchment tanks, a worm-tank waste system and separate potable and grey-water tanks.

The Fox provides a compact, ergonomic design that celebrates 'the luxury of less'. By Archiblox

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Fox 01 by Archiblox.

A light, bright and clever layout, demonstrating our Smart Design philosophy of ‘design big rather than build big’, which focusses on making a space feel generous, open and shared on a smaller footprint.

The perfect get-out-of-town retreat to slow down and recharge. Designed to maximise solar gain and natural air-flow, providing warmth and amazing comfort throughout the year. Fox can also act as a separate studio, granny flat detached from your primary home.

JR's Hut: A Unique Place to Retreat When You Can't People Anymore designed by Anthony Hunt Design and Luke Stanley Architects

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JR’s Hut designed by Anthony Hunt Design and Luke Stanley Architects

Designed by Anthony Hunt Design and Luke Stanley Architects to reference the a traditional farm house construction with some modern touches. it’s both cozy and bright inside, where the scenic views do not go to waste.

The hut’s form was inspired by a classic ‘A’ frame tent, which simultaneously provides both refuge from, and connection with, the natural environment.

As the architect says, “It is a place to switch off, quite literally, and forget about the distractions of modern life.”

This Green Roofed Beach House Arrived on the Back of a Truck by Archiblox

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Avalon House by designed by Archiblox

ArchiBlox have become renowned for affordable, well-designed prefabricated homes. This project in Avalon is no exception. With a green roof and other sustainable elements this beach-side residence touches the earth lightly physically and metaphorically… Minimal in size but grand in design intent.

Prospect House: “Build it small, build it smart” by Breathe Architecture

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Prospect House by Breathe Architecture.

Prospect House is small, efficient, warm and light. It is all about the outlook. The outlook to the view and the outlook to the future. It is about the exploration of a simple, sustainable way of life.

On a windy and exposed site, The small 97sqm home is bunkered down below the ridgeline of the surrounding hill. It is wrapped in a “light and tight” building envelope of double-dipped steel and raw ironbark cladding – a nod to the traditional hay shed.

The whole house operates on a 20,000 Litre rainwater tank, while black water is treated via a worm waste treatment system. This system delivers naturally treated Grade-A water to the grass lands below the house. No sewerage leaves the site.

World's First Carbon Positive Prefab House Drops in to Melbourne by Archiblox

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Carbon Positive House by Archiblox.

This carbon positive, prefabricated, house represents a new movement — the carbon positive house provides the option for a more environmentally-conscious design, through both reducing embodied energy that accompanies new-home construction and maintaining positive-energy production.

Archiblox prove that it’s no longer enough to just be Carbon Neutral. Their new prefabricated prototype that dropped in on Melbourne’s City Square in February 2015.

Sawmill House Rethinks Waste Materials to Create Raw, Rustic Beauty by Archier

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Sawmill House by Archier.

Sawmill House has a highly operable envelope that takes advantage of the local breeze that travels up the valley towards the house, passively cooling in the summer months with crossflow ventilation. In the cooler months sun penetration is maximised by rolling back a 14 metre section of openable roof over the deck, allowing the sun to passively heat the dwelling for most of the year.

The 100sq plan was developed during construction to include a private courtyard and operable roof. The bedroom faces east as the client wished to wake at first light, with a large pivot window allowing him to ‘sleep under the stars’.

Click to view original article by The Lunchbox Architect.

Click to view our SMART DESIGNS to see our full range of Customisable floor plans by Archiblox.

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To provide information related to the concepts used in the article, I will briefly explain each concept mentioned and its relevance to small house plans:


Designs refer to the different architectural plans and layouts created for small houses. These designs take into consideration factors such as space optimization, functionality, and aesthetics.

Smart Home Range

The smart home range refers to small house designs that incorporate smart technology and automation systems. These features enhance the convenience, efficiency, and sustainability of the home.

Base Home Range

The base home range refers to the basic designs and models of small houses offered by a particular company or architect. These designs serve as a starting point for customization and can be modified to suit individual preferences and needs.

Carbon Positive House

A carbon positive house is a type of sustainable and environmentally-friendly home that generates more energy than it consumes. These houses utilize renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies to minimize their carbon footprint.

Backyard Room

A backyard room is a small structure or extension built in the backyard of a property. It can serve various purposes, such as a home office, guest room, or recreational space.


Materials refer to the construction materials used in building small houses. These can include timber, steel, concrete, and sustainable materials like recycled or eco-friendly materials.

Custom Projects

Custom projects refer to small house designs that are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements and preferences of the homeowner. These projects involve close collaboration between the architect and the client to create a personalized living space.

Residential Modular Homes

Residential modular homes are small houses that are constructed using prefabricated modules or sections. These modules are manufactured off-site and then assembled on-site, allowing for faster construction and greater flexibility in design.

Victorian Modular Homes

Victorian modular homes are small houses built in the architectural style of the Victorian era. These homes typically feature ornate details, intricate woodwork, and a characteristic charm.

New South Wales Modular Homes

New South Wales modular homes are small houses built in the state of New South Wales, Australia, using modular construction methods. These homes offer the advantages of faster construction, cost-effectiveness, and design flexibility.

Modular Beach Houses

Modular beach houses are small houses designed for coastal living. These homes are built using modular construction techniques and often feature open floor plans, large windows to maximize views, and durable materials suitable for the beach environment.

Modular Rural Houses

Modular rural houses are small houses designed for rural or countryside living. These homes are typically built using modular construction methods and can be customized to blend with the natural surroundings.

Modular Urban Houses

Modular urban houses are small houses designed for urban environments. These homes are built using modular construction techniques and are often designed to maximize space efficiency in densely populated areas.

Modular Extensions

Modular extensions refer to additional sections or modules that can be added to an existing small house. These extensions allow homeowners to expand their living space without the need for extensive renovations or construction.

Sustainable Design Principles

Sustainable design principles refer to the incorporation of environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient features in small house designs. These principles aim to minimize the environmental impact of the house while maximizing energy efficiency and comfort.

I hope this information helps you understand the concepts mentioned in the article about small house plans. If you have any specific questions or need further information, feel free to ask!

Top 8 Small House Plans (2024)
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