Post-and-beam houses by HUF HAUS (2024)

Premium Design. Premium Quality.
The innovative post-and-beam architecture of HUF HAUS enables not only the construction of representative detached and duplex houses, but also the construction of functional buildings as modern houses made of timber and glass.

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On the following pages we present you a selection of the many options of the fascinating HUF timber construction method. Modern houses from HUF HAUS are not only attractive from an architectural point of view, because the smart interior is also an important feel-good factor for future builders.

See for yourself how well function, appearance and energy efficiency can be achieved with the sophisticated timber and glass architecture!

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Multifaced: HUF Houses

The innovative post and beam architecture of a HUF HAUS has a fascinating, as well as, expressive appearance. Wooden beams teamed with generous glazing form a visual gateway to the surrounding nature; thus creating a unique living space and experience. Where we chose to live and work influences our lives and our surrounding environment can impact on our well-being, motivation and happiness.

Realise your dream home, which is planned and built according to your wishes – turn-key, on time, energy-efficient and of the highest quality.


The classic in modern post-and-beam construction

HUF House ART 3

The ART 3 HUF House stands out amongst compact detached family houses. In these houses, the generous sense of space derives not from the living area but rather the open design and overall architectural visual impact. Experienced HUF HAUS architects will show just how individually floor plans can be customised to match the needs and wishes of the houseowner.

HUF House ART 4

The ART 4 HUF House offers an enormous variety of floor plan options and is therefore highly customisable. With its size and the ability to divide the living space on both the ground and upper floors in multifarious ways, even two generations will find their ideal home.

HUF House ART 5

The ART 5 HUF House fulfils the dream of large scale living. Anyone who values a smooth transition between living spaces and finds harsh seperation between rooms restrictive will feel especially comfortable in this light-filled living space. Even a large group of guests is no longer an insoluble challenge for the owner of this distinctive house.

HUF House ART 6

No other home offers so many options for spacious layout and design. Those who enter this impressive house for the first time feel the full grandeur of open-plan architecture with its light filled rooms.


A modern twist on timber frame architecture


The innovative and evolving HUF HAUS timbered architecture provides a solid foundation for this new type of house without compromising the quality of materials or construction.


The HUF house MODUM 7:10 is a house for individualists. The design is devoted to our clients‘ uncompromising standards for quality of materials used and construction of the build.


The HUF HAUS MODUM design illustrated here is anything but ordinary: This design encompasses the clients‘ aspirations to combine a tangible quality of environment together with aesthetics and luxury living, while maintaining the sustainability of valuable energy.a

HUF House MODUM 10

Whether a spacious hideaway in the country or a private oasis of tranquillity in a lively urban setting, the MODUM house flawlessly adapts to the most diverse sites.
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Every HUF house is an individually planned architect's house with modern ground plans, which is adapted and planned to the site conditions, the climatic conditions, but above all to the wishes of the owner.
As the European market leader for modern timber frame houses, HUF HAUS is your reliable partner when it comes to the architecturally demanding planning of your house.

A HUF house is exceptional, with an architecture that stands out from the conventional. The floor plans are designed according to minimalist principles, human dimensions, with clear lines, made of high-quality materials, handcrafted and carefully crafted.

Thanks to the variability of HUF architecture and the creativity of competent architects, the builder has a lot of freedom to design his own modern house floor plan. As the client, you decide for yourself how your floor plan should look, taking into account the building regulations. The centrepiece is a spatial experience that focuses on open living culture and at the same time offers cosy retreat zones into private life. Clarity, straightforwardness and expressiveness of the architecture form the basis for a modern house floor plan.

Modern houses are smart

For many homeowners, the digital home has become indispensable. Being able to control light, shading, music, alarms or the temperature at the touch of a button is no longer a futuristic dream. Your HUF HAUS has a host of smart house controlled possibilities based on a KNX system.

Based on your requirements, HUF experts will create customized automation to whatever level you chose. The network can be upgraded at any time and can be extended with various components. The built-in technology is integrated nearly invisibly into the house construction.

Your way to a modern prefabricated house

For everyone at HUF HAUS who is involved in the planning, development, production or construction of a house, there is a clear attitude: "We push quality to the limits of what is technically feasible and always try to be one step ahead of the customer's high expectations. Only with this attitude HUF HAUS could become the benchmark and role model for the industry and successfully establish itself internationally.

In the planning and consulting phase, your modern house floor plan is designed taking into account your wishes, the location and condition of the property and the applicable building regulations.

This is precisely why teamwork begins as early as the consulting and planning phase. It continues with production planning, production, assembly and fit out. A team of specialists goes to work at every point, who also bring in a further characteristic: Enthusiasm for the fascinating HUF product and for every work that is only completed when the residents are also enthusiastic and satisfied. Right from the start, you will be looked after by an experienced HUF employee and supported in all areas until the perfect floor plan is ready for you. This doesn't end after the house has been handed over; a HUF team is of course always available to answer any questions you may have, to assist you with your wishes and to make any changes.

Planning and building with HUF HAUS means - making dreams come true individually. The architects at HUF HAUS attach particular importance to working with you to realise modern floor plans tailored to your needs.

Multifaceted: HUF timber frame houses as terraced or multi-family houses

The fact that HUF HAUS' innovative post and beam architecture is also suitable for modern terraced house layouts and also for multi-family houses is proven by numerous completed projects. The robust quality, combined with excellent sound insulation inside and out, makes these properties a special magnet for demanding and solvent tenants.

Multi-family houses from two to 40 parties, modern terraced house layouts - due to many years of experience in the implementation of special buildings always a welcome challenge. Simply contact your local consultant and find out everything about your modern house made of timber and glass!

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Post-and-beam houses by HUF HAUS (2024)
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