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Gain the competitive edge with an MBA.

Designed for adult learners, the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s MBA program is the credential to help you advance your career in roles across various industries, spanning healthcare to finance and beyond.

Whether you’re an international student — or work or live near Minneapolis — our campus is conveniently situated near downtown, home to several Fortune 500 company headquarters. Additionally, Minneapolis ranks among the top 10 places in the U.S. for young professionals to advance their careers1.

Our program equips you with a holistic understanding of business, nurturing critical thinking, managerial, and decision-making skills that are crucial for navigating today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Join an inclusive and diverse community of learners, where you’ll not only broaden your global perspective but also develop an innovative mindset. Our faculty brings a wealth of practical experience to the classroom and offers personalized support, ensuring your success throughout the program and beyond graduation.

Business needs leaders who can ensure that as business evolves, it does so in ways that are ethical, inclusive, and equitable for all. We’re here to guide you through your academic and professional journey and prepare you for what’s next, while empowering you to live a life of ethics, service, and leadership.

Unleash your potential, gain marketable skills, and become a confident leader capable of driving change. Take the first step towards a journey that will shape your future. Join our MBA program today.

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start date

2.5 years

completion time



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Program Highlights

  • No GMAT/GRE required
  • Our program’s structure makes it an excellent choice for international students seeking to study on an F1 Visa.
  • Gain foundations in finance, marketing, operations, quantitative methods, and economics.
  • Discover scholarships available through our partnerships with several regional and national employers. See if your employer is part of our Trusted Partnership Program. Learn more.

Customize your degree and stand out.

As one of the only MBA programs in Minnesota to offer 12 specializations, you’ll have the desired skill set to stand out and distinguish yourself as a leader. Choose from one of these 12 ways to customize your degree:

  • Accounting Leadership
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Individual and Team Leadership
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Organizational and Change Leadership
  • Project Management

What You'll Learn

  • Professional and effective communication across different contexts
  • Ethical leadership to strengthen teams and organizations
  • Critical thinking for evidence–based decision making
  • Broad business acumen for organizational success
  • Quantitative methods for professional applications
  • Valued-based decision-making built upon integrity

Virtual Information Session

Join us for an information session to learn more about the program, the application process, and more. We offer live information sessions where you can meet program staff, as well as an archive you can view on your own time.

Ready to apply? Learn about taking the next steps.

    • Applicants may apply for admission to a master’s degree program at any time during the year.
    • Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution and maintained an overall grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale. Applicants with an undergraduate GPA of less than 2.75 will be considered for conditional admission.
  • Students with transcripts from universities located outside of the United States or a waiver country listedhereare required to take and pass English Proficiency testing.

    Saint Mary’s accepts:

    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 72
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum score of 6.0
    • Michigan Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) with a minimum score of 74%
    • International Test of English Proficiency (ITEP) with a minimum score of 4.0 or Pearson Test of English with a score of 51
    • Duolingo with a minimum score of 100. Please see our academic catalog for a list of all approved waiver countries.
  • Your application must include the following items:

    1. A completed application form
    2. An official transcript(s) issued to Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota from the institution posting the applicant’s completed bachelor degree and other relevant transcripts documenting program prerequisites and potential transfer credits. (An official transcript is one that is sent to the university by the credit-granting institution.
      • You have two possible options for obtaining official transcripts:
      • Order official transcripts from all institutions yourself.
      • Saint Mary’s can order and cover the cost of transcripts from institutions that allow third-party requests for eligible degree-seeking applicants. Contact your enrollment counselor for more information.
    3. A personal statement that includes the following:
      • brief description of the applicant’s background, training, and experience; and
      • statement indicating the career goals of the applicant and their reasons for seeking admission to the program; and
      • description of the areas the applicant considers to be their strengths and areas in which the applicant wishes to develop greater strengths and abilities; and
      • personal information the applicant wishes to share.
    4. Names of two people (including title, organization, email, phone number) who could serve as professional references, if needed, during the application review process.
    5. A current résumé listing educational background and work experience.

    Official Transcripts should be sent to Office of Admission

    Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
    2500 Park Avenue
    Minneapolis, MN 55404

    Or electronically:

    Please reach out with any questions about the application process.

    Phone: (612) 728-5100

    Toll-free: (866) 437-2788


  • Fall 2024: Aug. 2, 2024

    Spring 2025: Dec. 2, 2024

    Summer 2025: April 4, 2025

  • Fall: Sept. 3, 2024

    Spring: Jan. 6, 2025

    Summer: May 6, 2025

  • You can expect to be notified about your acceptance approximately two weeks following your application completion date.

Tuition & Fees

We help you find ways to finance your education. Talk to your Enrollment Counselor about scholarships, loans, and other ways to make your education affordable.

Learn more

Course Catalog

You’ll take courses such as:

  • Managerial Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Quantitative Decision Making
  • Marketing Management

The course catalog provides complete information about course requirements.

View Course Catalog

With an MBA, pursue a career as a C-level officer, vice president of operations, marketing manager, business analyst, account manager, director of finance, or sales executive. Leverage your MBA in any industry — consulting, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, and higher education.

Chief Executive

$258,900 per year2


$103,840 per year3

Management Analyst

$93,410 per year4

Related Programs

Advance your career with flexible programs designed for busy professionals.

  • Accelerated Online MBA
  • Online M.S. in Accounting
  • Online M.A. in Organizational Leadership
  • Data Intelligence and GeoAnalytics With Business Engineering Emphasis
  • At Saint Mary’s, we want you to succeed, and we help you do so, inside and outside of the classroom:

    Student Central: Your one-stop for student services.

    Library: Resources and services are available 24/7 to all students.

    Writing Center: Offers virtual and face-to-face services to support students.

    Career Services: Can help you develop your career-readiness skills at any point in your education.

  • If you are in a degree-granting program and enrolled at least half time, you may be eligible for financial aid.

    Learn more here.

  • No matter where you’re from, Saint Mary’s is here to help students from many different countries and backgrounds. Find out more about advising and support options that are available while you’re here with us and get details for once you’ve been admitted.

    Learn more here.

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Sources and Disclaimer

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