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Find Rewarding Work in Healthcare Management

If you are looking for an industry or job that is challenging and allows you to make a difference, look no further. With a healthcare management degreefrom Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, you can take the first step toward this exciting and worthwhile field. After earning a B.S. in Healthcare Management with this accelerated online bachelor’s degree program, our graduates are qualified to seek job roles that offer high levels of job satisfaction and opportunities to serve. For those considering this career, or who want to advance in the field, we examine potential healthcare management salary levels and job prospects.

Healthcare Management Salary and Job Role Information

Healthcare management requires a wide variety of job skills and attracts professionals who can handle the responsibility of managing patient care systems. Whether these professionals work directly in patient care units or not, their jobs help determine how medical care and treatments are delivered to a variety of populations. Healthcare management salary levels reflect these significant responsibilities.

Healthcare management offers competitive salaries and a strong job outlook. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data projects job growth in medical and health service managementat 28% through 2032. In May 2023, the median wage was recorded at $110,680, with the highest 10% earning more than $216,750.

The healthcare sector continues to grow, and the professionals who work in healthcare management can explore different jobs to gain greater experience in the field. They can also learn through exposure to different types of institutions and organizations. Healthcare managers find employment in hospitals, physician practices, residential care facilities, outpatient care centers, and in government departments.

The work of healthcare managers affects the work environment for everyone. How healthcare organizations operate impacts both worker motivation and their ability to function at required levels. Here are some common responsibilities and duties undertaken by healthcare managers:

  • Prepare budget proposals and monitor spending
  • Oversee patient fees and billing procedures
  • Develop institutional and departmental goals and objectives
  • Make work schedules, supervise staff members, and perform evaluations
  • Hire and train employees
  • Keep records, compile statistics, and prepare reports
  • Act as representative of the facility, department, or organization
  • Monitor compliance with government regulations

Make a Difference in the Lives of Patients and Colleagues

Working in healthcare provides opportunities to make a positive difference in people’s lives. These include patients who need help finding the right care or navigating the billing system. Healthcare management also involves creating a better employee experience. Colleagues and staff members often face difficult situations related to treating traumatic injuries or chronic illnesses. Many experience burnout. Healthcare management professionals work in roles that can help alleviate an array of challenges.

By using the knowledge and skills developed in healthcare management degree programs, as well as real-world experiences, healthcare managers can introduce reorganization schemes and new methodologies, creating solutions as problems arise.

Here are a few of the job titles held by healthcare managers:

  • Administrators of hospitals, hospices, or nursing homes
  • Social and community service managers
  • Clinical managers
  • Behavioral health managers
  • Health information managers
  • Insurance specialist
  • Medical records supervisor
  • Chief financial officer
  • Regulatory affairs director
  • Healthcare consultant

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management Online at SMUMN

The online bachelor’s completion programs at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota are designed for working adult learners. The B.S. in Healthcare Managementprogram can be completed in one year. Students can start several times per year, so once you decide to apply for admission, you can begin the program almost as soon as you are enrolled. Within this outstanding program, students learn analytical and ethical leadership skills and how to work with health information systems. In addition, the curriculum includes health policy and ethics, current issues in health, and cultural competency for health professionals.

The B.S. in Healthcare Management degree completion program also allows students to earn their Community Health Worker Certificate (CHW)while enrolled. This program helps students understand the relationship between healthcare systems and the wider culture. It covers key competencies like improving access to healthcare for disenfranchised groups and educating the public about accessing and using healthcare insurance. Students who earn this certificate are qualified to pursue work in the industry, even before they’ve completed the B.S. in Healthcare Management program.

Explore Graduate and Certificate Healthcare Programs at SMUMN

Potential students can use our program finderto browse the fields and degrees available. We offer several other online programs related to healthcare, including a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. There are also several certificate programs focused on healthcare, including our online healthcare administration graduate certificate, online healthcare analytics graduate certificate, and community health worker certificate.

Develop Knowledge and Skills in Healthcare Management

Get ready to make a bigger difference in the world of healthcare with a satisfying, well-compensated job. The B.S. in Healthcare Managementat Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is available fully online. Advance your current career or move into healthcare. We offer virtual information sessions that help potential students learn more about specific programs, as well as how to apply for a transfer of existing credits. Request informationtoday.

Healthcare Management Salary & Prospects | Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota (2024)
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