Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (2024)

The very first step for every player embarking on their journey in Night City is to create their very own version of V in Cyberpunk 2077. The character creation mode is actually quite immersive, with tons of customization options which are likely to expand as DLC and more content is added into the game, allowing players to go for even wilder looking Vs.

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With the handy photo mode that CD Projekt Red included into the game, it's no surprise countless players have already shared their versions of main character V, Night City's legendary mercenary. From colorful street kid Vs to elegant yet deadly corpo Vs and even relaxed nomad Vs, here are some of the best customizations fans have come up with so far.

10 Street KidWith A Hint Of Corpo

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (1)

The Samurai jacket seen in the game's promotional art and trailers has quickly become one of fans' favorite items to wear and for good reason. The jacket just looks good on everyone, and it pairs well with just about anything underneath it.

This street kid mixed with a hint of corpo is such a brilliant design from AceofSpades1532. It's refreshing to see a blonde V as well, with a hefty beard. This design could easily be seen on real promotional content from CD Projekt Red, as an alternative to the existing default designs.

9 The Nomad Life

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (2)

In many of the polls prior to release the nomad lifepath was considered the most popular choice for a lot of player. However, in hindsight, there haven't been that many nomad designs which is a true shame. It's a style that looks distinctive and nice when committed to, just like in this V design.


Jokurandom99 went full on nomad with their design choices. It's super easy to imagine this V as part of a nomad clan, possibly the Aldecaldos. The biker details fit the look perfectly as does the lack of cyberware in general. It's a much needed homage to the nomad life.

8 Cyberware And Scars

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (3)

Many of the Vs that have shorter hair and a more punk rock style tend to have wild hair colors, which is why this design in particular is a breath of fresh air. It combines the different shades of auburn in her hair and in V's lip color.

Moreover, it actually uses the scars and some of the more noticeable cyberware more efficiently than many other designs. It's a bold choice from DamarisKitten, but their V ends up looking immensely badass and interesting, almost like an android brought to life.

7 Salesman V

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (4)

It's always impressive to see what people come up with when it comes to V. Rather than making a classic cyberpunk style character, some might go for more "normal" appearances, which still end up looking incredibly with the right clothes and back drops.

This salesman-looking V was designed by kitty_smite, and looks so different from any other male V that it's hard to believe this is the main character of the game. And yet, it's precisely that difference that makes this design so powerful and cool. It just goes to show there's an infinite amount of possible Vs out there.

6 Waiting For Goro

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (5)

Simplicity and attention to detail is key in great designs, and this particular V showcases that perfectly. There's nothing too crazy about the design itself, but the piercings and unique makeup make her absolutely gorgeous. Plus, who can resist blue hair like this?

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Shasirrlan's fabulous corpo V not only looks like one of the corpo ladies walking Arasaka's hallways, but also blends in fabulously in V's apartment. She owns the tough merc look as well, which is why this just might be one of the best and strongest V designs out there, given its versatility.

5 The Corpo Assassin

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (6)

The corpo lifepath hasn't been among people's favorites, but it has definitely given people some of the best design ideas so far. The simplistic yet deadly corpo look is absolutely iconic to the game and helps to counterbalance the wild, colorful look most street kids might go for.

Pretty_red_snapper's corpo V is elegant and frightening at the same time. With an assassin build, they definitely look the part with those cyberware and face tattoo details and spooky eyes. An incredibly V design for a playthrough where V might be a bit less nice.

4 Red Biker

Bikesandcars are a major part of the game, allowing you to travel around Night City quickly while taking in the sights. Even better, they make for great backdrops when it comes to taking truly breathtaking photos of your V.

Lothric_Knight's redheaded female V looks really stunning in this photo, with what's presumably a bike or a car in the background. This is such a fantastic look for a street kid for example, but actually works well for corpo and nomad as well. The cyberware and tattoos bring the look together.

3 Afro Samurai

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (8)

Not only does the character creator have a ton of options for both crazy designs and more toned down Vs, but it's also incredibly inclusive. It's nice to see a game actually implement so many different looks and hair styles in a believable way, especially since Night City is known as a melting pot of cultures.


This afro samurai design by _TheBroGems_ is easily one of the best, if not the best design the Internet has seen since the game's launch. Strong, colorful and intimidating, it's a solid look for a male V which generally has received a bit less love.

2 V Of The Night

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (9)

With how colorful the game is, it's no wonder so many players are putting a lot of effort into ensuring their V looks the part of a Night City resident. From bright clothing to bright hair, it's the ideal look for a V who crawls the nightly streets of the city in search for action.

SaladAss1995's pink-haired V is a beautiful homage to Night City's neon lights and nightlife. She would look fantastic as a member of the Moxes or wandering the dark corners of Jig-Jig Street. This design has a tough yet cute vibe, fit for a V that might be more playful and sarcastic.

1 Young Rogue

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (10)

It's incredibly just how different the designs of V can end up looking like depending on who's creating the character. Rather than going for something bright and colorful, there's also the option for preferring a much darker, punk goth style with tough vibes.

Melbourne_Australia's V makes great use of white hair, which isn't a typical choice for many players. Moreover, the cyberware on the cheeks and light eyes actually make her look a bit like everyone's favorite fixer Rogue when she was younger, had she ever colored her hair white.

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Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Most Creative V Customizations We’ve Seen (2024)
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