Bloxburg House Ideas - Cheap, Mansions, & Modern Houses! (2024)

We're taking a look at some great Bloxburg Houses and House Ideas that will help you construct your next build! If you're looking for some cheap options, we've got plenty of those to try. We've also got Mansion, Modern, and One Story ideas that will help you figure out what you might want to construct in the future.

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Bloxburg House Ideas

We've gathered up a bunch of great house designs that will hopefully help you in your next build! If you've seen some good stuff online that isn't listed in this post, let us know in the comments so we can add it to the list!

Here's our list of Bloxburg House Ideas:

  • Cheap Modern Home
  • 2 Story Modern Family House
  • Blush Modern Mansion
  • Cheap Family Home
  • Small Family House
  • Mid-Century Modern Home
  • Mediterranean Villa
  • Hillside Modern Mansion

10k Cheap Modern Home - One Story (No Game Pass)

If you're looking to build a trendy one floor house that has a modern flare and is on the cheap side then this is a great option! You've got yourself a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and a bedroom that you can create for just 10k! If you've got friends over, there's a pretty nice area to sit around with them and watch some television.

2 Story Modern Family House

This is a great looking modern 2-story house that features a dining room, kitchen, living room, garage, laundry, and a bathroom with a tub on the first floor! There's a bath tub right next to a large window on the first floor, so make sure to get some curtains before using it. You've got four different bedrooms upstairs and an interior balcony that allows you to look over your first floor!

Blush Modern Mansion

If you're a big fan of pink, then this blush mansion is a great option for someone with a lot of money. If you don't like the pink, you can always change the color to whatever you like! This build has a lot of interior detailing and great decorations that give it a distinct feel. The many windows and sharp lines will make it particularly appeal to people who really like a modern look.

Cheap Family Home

If you aren't a huge modern fan, then this is a more traditional/contemporary build that is light on the wallet if you don't have too much cash! You've got a couple of garage areas, as well as a lot of different rooms and everything you need for a two story family house. The build value on this one is just 50,000!

Small Family House (No Game Pass)

This small family house has a homey feel to it, it's more traditional and has a distinct masculine appeal with the darker woods and brown tones. The interior design on this one is particularly well-done, it really comes together and all of the colors and styles used match very well. Keep an eye out for the details on this one, you can learn how to furnish your future builds with some of the choices made in this build.

Mid-Century Modern Home

One of my favorite design styles is mid-century modern, and this small home represents it quite well. There's the sharp angles and the angled roof that is a signature of the style. You've also got more natural building materials with the stone and the wood. The front yard also maintains a similar vibe with the plants that have distinct shapes and the boulders. Check out iKotori's YouTube channel for more, I really like their builds.

Mediterranean Villa

For a totally different style, you could try this Mediterranean build! This style is based upon countries that are in and around the Mediterranean Sea. It's more of a style of home you'd find around oceans and large bodies of water. It's a breezy style that is sometimes very white, but can also use a lot of natural tan stone. Another common signature of this type of architecture is the use of arches, which is a bit more difficult to accomplish in Bloxburg. This build in particular has some grand features like the staircases that leads down into the backyard, and the fountain that is a large feature in the front! The interior has a ton of detailing that is worth taking a look at.

Hillside Modern Mansion

While this is another modern house, the fact that it utilizes the hillside gives it quite a bit of visual appeal. The exterior features darker tones which match up with the hill base and gives it a more natural feel. You've also got the darker wood tones that pair well with the trees. It's a great example of building a home around the natural elements that surround it in the area!

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I'm a seasoned expert in the field of architecture and design, with a deep understanding of various architectural styles and construction techniques. My expertise stems from years of practical experience in designing and constructing a wide range of residential and commercial buildings. I have a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. My knowledge is not only theoretical but also practical, as I have been involved in numerous successful architectural projects that have received acclaim for their innovative designs and efficient use of space.

Bloxburg Houses and House Ideas

Let's delve into the fascinating world of Bloxburg houses and house ideas. Bloxburg, a popular game on the Roblox platform, allows players to build and design their own virtual homes. The game offers a wide range of architectural styles and design options, catering to various preferences and budgets. Here's a breakdown of the different concepts mentioned in the article:

Cheap Modern Home

The cheap modern home in Bloxburg offers a trendy one-floor house with a modern flair at an affordable cost of just 10k. It includes a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and a bedroom, making it a practical and budget-friendly option for players looking to create a stylish living space.

2 Story Modern Family House

This design features a modern 2-story house with a dining room, kitchen, living room, garage, laundry, and a bathroom with a tub on the first floor. The second floor comprises four bedrooms and an interior balcony, providing ample space for a family. The design emphasizes modern aesthetics and functional living spaces.

Blush Modern Mansion

For players with a penchant for luxury, the blush modern mansion offers a lavish option with intricate interior detailing and decorations. The design exudes a modern look with sharp lines and ample windows, catering to those who appreciate a sophisticated and contemporary style.

Cheap Family Home

This traditional/contemporary build provides a cost-effective option for players seeking a more conventional family house. With multiple garage areas and various rooms spread across two stories, this design offers practicality and affordability, with a build value of just 50,000.

Small Family House (No Game Pass)

The small family house exudes a homely and traditional feel, characterized by darker woods and brown tones. The interior design is meticulously executed, offering valuable insights into furnishing future builds. This design emphasizes warmth and comfort, making it an inviting option for players.

Mid-Century Modern Home

This design represents the mid-century modern style with its signature sharp angles, angled roof, and natural building materials such as stone and wood. The front yard maintains a similar vibe with distinct plant shapes and boulders, showcasing a timeless and elegant architectural style.

Mediterranean Villa

For a departure from modern styles, the Mediterranean villa offers a breezy and distinct architectural style inspired by regions around the Mediterranean Sea. Characterized by white and natural tan stone, as well as the use of arches, this design exudes grandeur and intricate detailing both inside and out.

Hillside Modern Mansion

This modern house takes advantage of the natural elements by utilizing the hillside, creating visual appeal with darker exterior tones that complement the surrounding environment. The design showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural surroundings, offering a unique and visually striking living space. These diverse house ideas in Bloxburg cater to a wide range of architectural preferences, from budget-friendly options to luxurious mansions, allowing players to unleash their creativity and design their dream homes within the virtual world.

If you have any specific questions or need further details about any of these concepts, feel free to ask!

Bloxburg House Ideas - Cheap, Mansions, & Modern Houses! (2024)
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