28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (2024)

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (1)

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for homes. The exterior of a house can hint at what's on inside or offer a contrasting surprise–whether it's a castle-inspired exterior with a fairy-tale interior or a historic outside with a contemporary inside. We've rounded up some of the most stunning home exteriors that'll have you wanting to move in—and may even inspire you to up your own home's curb appeal.

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Castle-Inspired Fortress

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (2)

This fairy-tale escape by Lisa Tharp and TMS Architects features a gray exterior with white and red accents. The wood and stone add to its nature-inspired charm.

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Nautical Getaway

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (3)

Previously destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, this New Jersey home got a helping hand from Joe Lucas. The shingled house, complete with a screened porch, looks out on the bay and the client's 28-foot yacht.

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Florida Escape

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (4)

Andrew Howard made sure this Florida home still felt like a vacation, regardless of how many kids were running around. The clean and crisp exterior is reflected in the family-friendly interior design.

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Shingle-Style Beach House

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (5)

The classic shingle-style exterior gives no hint at the contemporary interior of this Long Island beach house decorated by Rob Southern. Banks of windows and a second-floor balcony off the master suite have sweeping views of the bay.

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French-Style Château

In Ellen Niven's Long Island, New York house, classic French elegance was translated to Long Island's Gold Coast by architect Moon Bros. and landscape architect Perry Guillot.

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Connecticut Home

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (7)

Analisse Taft-Gersten, founder of the home goods store ALT for Living, has a Connecticut home that appears nestled into its landscape.

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Minnesota Colonial

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (8)

Located in Twin Cities, this 1920's colonial is packed with artwork and creative flair, crafted by designer Janet Gridley. The exterior features dark green shutters, an American flag, and perfectly-placed white seating.

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Palm Beach Dream Home

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (9)

In 2020's Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach, designer Jobe Lopez opted for a mix of low shrubbery and tall trees that frame the house's facade and draw the eye up.

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28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (10)

Justina Blakeney's 1926 Spanish-style home in Los Angeles is modestly sized but packs a major punch. Burnt orange trim makes a statement from the street.

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Rainbow Cocoon House

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (11)

Architect Nina Edwards Anker merged the ideas of a sustainable building and the color theory of painter William Turner when designing her vacation home. It's nothing like the classic, New England shingle-style Hamptons homes that surround it.

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Elevated Lake Home

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (12)

Situated on a 60-foot setback, Anne Hepfer's L-shaped cottage features large windows, intricate stonework, and muted colors. The cottage feels like a giant tree house.

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Historic Hideaway

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (13)

To refresh this historic home, designer Juan Carretero added quintessential notes of English culture and tradition including cast-concrete ewes out front.

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White Brick Residence

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (14)

To update and clarify a 1961 house in Houston, Ray Booth balanced the original aesthetic with a contemporary point of view. Booth tweaked the white brick facade with new vertical shutters and added a steel-gated front door and custom lantern.

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Charleston Charmer

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (15)

The entrance to this South Carolina "kitchen house"—now a guesthouse—opens onto a bluestone courtyard. An ivy-covered gate seals off the secluded space.

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Historic Quarters

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (16)

Designer Michelle Prentice's house in Beaufort, South Carolina seamlessly blends into its neighborhood of historic homes. The exterior features a beautiful, second story veranda.

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Beach Abode

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (17)

Near Seaside, Florida, a two-story beach-front cottage designed by Birmingham, Alabama-based architect James F. Carter has an old-fashioned tin roof and traditional stacked screened porches. Although the home echoes an older time, it features solar panels and eco-conscious materials.

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London Townhouse

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (18)

This stately 1860 London townhouse is a commanding presence in the fashionable South Kensington area of London. The clean-cut outside contrasts the bold reds and pinks that grace some of the walls inside.

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Lakeside Mansion

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (19)

Pittsburgh Paints's Citadel Blue brightens the exterior of this Lake Michigan house designed by Alexander Bogaerts. It almost blends in with the clouds and sky, offering an airy and welcoming presence.

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Tuscan-Inspired Home

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (20)

Towering cypresses are reminiscent of a Tuscan landscape in this house decorated by Barbara Barry. It's located in Corona del Mar, California, and the surrounding plants give it an inviting presence.

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Shingle-Style Summer House

28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (21)

Designers John Knott and John Fondas's Maine summer house features a restrained shingle-style exterior. At the entrance (on the left), Knott used salvaged columns from upstate New York.

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Home Exteriors:

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Curb Appeal:

The article mentions that the stunning home exteriors showcased can inspire homeowners to enhance their own home's curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of a property when viewed from the street. It includes elements such as landscaping, exterior design, and overall appearance that make a property visually appealing and inviting.

Architectural Styles:

The article highlights various architectural styles, including castle-inspired, shingle-style, French-style château, Spanish-style, and Tuscan-inspired. Each style has its own unique characteristics and design elements that contribute to the overall appearance of the home.

Interior Design:

The article briefly mentions the interior design of some of the homes. It states that the interior design of these homes complements their respective exteriors. For example, the castle-inspired exterior has a fairy-tale interior, and the Florida escape home has a family-friendly interior design.

Home Renovation:

In some cases, the article mentions that homes were renovated or refreshed by designers or architects. For example, a historic home was refreshed with quintessential notes of English culture and tradition, and a 1961 house in Houston was updated and clarified with a contemporary point of view.


The article provides information about the location of some of the homes, such as New Jersey, Florida, Long Island, Connecticut, Minnesota, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Seaside (Florida), South Carolina, Corona del Mar (California), and Maine.

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28 Gorgeous House Exteriors You'll Totally Envy (2024)
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